Currently MeetRoost has 15 funnels:

  1. [Chiropractic] We Love Mom Massage Giveaway
  2. [Chiropractic] CrossFit Massage
  3. [Chiropractic] Year of Massages Giveaway
  4. [Digital Agency] The "Growth with FB Ads" Guide.
  5. [Dental] Invisalign Holiday Giveaway
  6. [Dental] Wedding Teeth Whitening
  7. [Gym] Free Trial Mom Fitness
  8. [Real Estate] Learn about this Property.
  9. [Martial Arts] Free Class
  10. [Med Spa] Myofascial Therapy Funnel
  11. [Photographer] Mini Engagement Session Wedding Funnel
  12. [Plastic Surgeon] Crows Feet Removal
  13. [Power Washing] Free Driveway Cleaning
  14. [Restaurant] BOGO Birthday
  15. Generic Funnel

Each funnel is completely set up and done. The landing page, thank you page, follow up emails, follow up texts, and call tracking is ready to go once you create a campaign.